Twisted Tornado Crimp 99.9% Pure Silver Ultraplate .019 (25)

Twisted Tornado Crimp 99.9% Pure Silver Ultraplate  .019 (25)
Item# cb-uts19-25
We are currently out of stock of Twisted Tornado® Crimps

We have sterling silver twisted crimps, made by another vendor. Click on the link below. And the crimps are the sterling silver crimps are the same price.

Sterling Silver Twisted Tube Crimps

No special crimp tool needed.. just use your tapered end chain nose pliers! The manufacturer states these can be used with stringing wire (.014 Soft Flex up to .018 Beadalon, .019 Soft Touch or Soft Flex). They have designed the crimp to be very snug, so be advised to cut the beading wire on an angle before trying to push the wire through. I love the look of these - they give a very secure crimp, and a very nice look compared to standard crimps.
To use, Just cut your beading wire on an angle to give it a sharp point and run it through the crimp and back again. Make sure your wire sits side by side in the crimp. That way the crimp presses down on both wires at the same time. Crimp it with a pair of flat chain nose pliers. Turn it over again and press hard again. Sold in packs of 25.