Holiday Design Idea - Wreath Earrings

Holiday Design Idea - Wreath Earrings
Item# mi-idea4
Swarovski 5000 Round 4mm Siam - 12 pieces
Swarovski 6301 6mm Fern Green - 30 pieces
Silver ear wires - 2 pcs
Silver wire, 24ga, 4" (Note: you could use 2 24ga 3" headpins and cut the end off)

Step 1: Cut wire in half (or cut ends off headpins)
Step 2: String onto one wire (or headpin): one Swarovski Bead 5000 Siam and three Swarovski 6301 Fern Green. Repeat pattern four times, ending with one Swarovski 5000 Siam.
Step 3: Form beaded wire into a loop, keeping beads in the center of the wire, and equal amounts of bare wire on both ends.
Step 4: Twist wire ends around each other ONCE. Bring one wire end straight up about 1/4" and form a small loop at the top.
Step 5: Wrap the wire from the other side around the 1/4" of straight wire only going as far up as the small loop on top. Cut off any remaining wire. Press wire ends in using flat nose pliers.
Step 6: Open loop on ear wire and attach headpin loop.
Step 7: Repeat steps 2 - 6 for other earring.