Holiday Design Idea - Wreath Necklace

Holiday Design Idea - Wreath Necklace
Item# mi-idea5
Swarovski 5000 Round 4mm Siam - 10 pieces
Swarovski 6301 6mm Fern Green - 24 pieces
Swarovski 5500 9x6mm Siam - 1 piece
Silver wire, 22ga or 24ga, - 6"
Silver Headpin - 1 piece
Silver Bow Bead - 1 piece (found in the TierraCast Beads section)
Silver Lobster Clasp - 1 piece
Silver jump ring 4mm or 6mm - 2 pieces
Silver linked chain - 24"

Step 1: String one Swarovski 5500 Siam on a headpin. Form a loop at the top and cut off any remaining wire. Step 2: Cut 3/4" off the wire. String the bow bead onto the center of the wire, and form a loop at the top of the bow. Lope the bottom piece of wire through the loop at the top of the 5500 beaded headpin, and form a loop. Cut off remaining wire and set aside.
Step 3: String onto remaining wire: one Swarovski Bead 5000 Siam and three Swarovski 6301 Fern Green. Repeat pattern three times. Add one Swarovski 5000 Siam, and the bow dangle made in steps 1 and 2 above. Then repeat pattern above four times, ending with one Swarovski 5000 Siam.
Step 4: Form beaded wire into a loop, keeping beads in the center of the wire with equal amounts of bare wire on both ends.
Step 5: Twist wire ends around each other once. Bring one wire end straight up about 1/4" and form a medium size loop at top.
Step 6: Wrap the wire from the other side around the 1/4" of straight wire only going as far up as the small loop on top. Cut off any remaining wire. Press wire ends in using flat not pliers.
Step 7: String linked chain through the loop at top of wreath.
Step 8: Add jump ring to both ends of chain and attach lobster clasp to one of the jump rings.