Sterling Silver Wire Protectors .045 (25pcs)

Sterling Silver Wire Protectors .045 (25pcs)
Item# wp-wps45-25
Finally available in Sterling Silver, Copper and 14k Gold-Filled: Wire Protectors (also called Wire Guardians)! No more wear on the wire where it connects to your clasps and rings! Click on this small picture to get a better view of how they work!

1) Thread a crimp bead onto your stringing material, followed by a Wire Protector. Guide the wire through one end-hole, around the back (making sure it lays in the channel), then back through the other end.
2) Hook the threaded Wire Protector onto a finding just as you would an open jump ring.
3) Slightly pinch the Wire Protector so that the two end-holes touch, then pull the end of the stringing material and insert it back through the crimp bead.

Voila! Sold in packs of 25 pieces. .045 Inner Diameter.